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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oomasa, Little Tokyo

Was it all that feminist art that was making me so hungry for sushi at 10:45 on a Saturday night? What luck to stumble upon Oomasa just off of 1st Street in the outdoor Japanese Village Plaza Mall as it's open till midnight on Saturday. There was a mob of other MOCA opening patrons in the entryway all waiting with a plastic number for the next available wooden booth. All the more reason for Mark and I to grab two open seats at the sushi bar. Hamachi was of the melt-in-your-mouth variety; toro also excellent but a bit more firm; my ikura sushi was also top rate, the nori wrapper crisp and the salmon eggs briny and fresh as they popped in my mouth. Mark enjoyed his sweet shrimp sushi but found the standard presentation of their crispy deep-fried heads off-putting and superfluous. I took a bite anyway. Service from our Japanese sushi chef was friendly and efficient. Oomasa is a definite find, very reasonably priced, and as such may end up as one of my stand-by spots for a sushi fix.

Oomasa Restaurant
100 Japanese Village Plz Mall (corner of E 1st St and S Central Ave)
Little Tokyo
(213) 972-9640

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doppelganger said...

love this place! my favorite in little tokyo :)